A complete guide to Banff
Surrender yourself to nature's most envied misŤ-en-scene. Ranging from the towering Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta, to the naÔve wildlife, the Banff National Park promises love at first sight.


  • Banff National Park is located in the Rocky Mountain Range in western Canada (in the province of Alberta).
  • Banff, Canada's first national park, was established in 1885. It is the third national park in the world.
  • Over 4 million tourists visit Banff every year.
  • Banff is open all year round.
  • Banff offers several world-famous ski resorts and beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery that includes turquoise lakes, majestic glaciers, and wildlife.


Lake Louise Resort - Elevation 5,400 ft (1,662 m)*

Banff Gondola