A complete guide to Banff

Getting to Banff

You will need to book your flights to Calgary International Airport (Airport Code: YYC) in Alberta, Canada. Calgary is 1.5 hours drive east of Banff and serves as the access point to Banff.

Complimentary maps are usually available through car rental companies and hotels. However, several types of maps can be purchased from almost any convenience store.

There is a standard fee that will be charged upon entry into the park. Click here for a list of entrance fees.

  • Taxi Cabs are available throughout the city of Calgary. The rates for the taxis are fixed by the government. Approximate cost from Calgary to Banff is $160 one-way. This option is more affordable than shuttle buses if visiting Banff as a couple or with up to four people.
    - Associated Cabs: 1 (403) 299-1111
    - Checker Cabs: 1 (403) 299-9999
    - Yellow Cabs: 1 (403) 974-1111

  • Shuttle Buses from Calgary International Airport to Banff usually require you to make reservations beforehand.
    - Banff Airporter is approximately $47 one-way: 1-888-HIWAY-01
    - Brewster Coaches is approximately $42 one-way: 1-800-661-1152

  • Rental Car companies are located right in Calgary International Airport. It is a good idea to reserve a car before you arrive. The drive from Calgary to Banff is about 1.5 hours to 2 hours on a four-lane divided highway (Trans Canada Highway). It is a very safe road of very slight elevation.
    - Budget Rental: 1 (403) 226-1550
    - AVIS: 1 (403) 221-1700
    - Alamo: 1 (403) 543-3985

  • Biking, if that's what you're into, is a fantastic way to see the view. It is a gentle rise towards Banff and all the while you are facing the majestic Rocky Mountains. Traffic on Highway-1 (Trans Canada Highway) within the city of Calgary is rather high, therefore it's a good idea to take an alternate route within Calgary. A very enjoyable route is along the Bow River that flows directly through the heart of Calgary. The bike-paths embrace the serene river and allow you to get an up-close glimpse of downtown Calgary and even some of the wildlife.

Distances to Banff from Major Cities

CityDistance in km Distance in miles
Canmore26 km 16 miles
Lake Louise58 km 35 miles
Calgary120 km 75 miles
Radium134 km 82 miles
Golden134 km 82 miles
Jasper287 km 172 miles
Edmonton401 km 245 miles
Vancouver850 km 519 miles
San Francisco2050 km 1251 miles
Whitehorse2514 km 1534 miles
Toronto3563 km 2173 miles
Montreal3872 km 2362 miles
New York4448 km 2713 miles
Quebec City4142 km 2527 miles
Halifax5121 km 3124 miles